Summer Infant Side-By-SIde Review

"My favorite baby monitor of all time !!"

Up to 4 camera's view simultaneously
Secure Network
Talk Feature
Large screen
We dropped it and now it has two lines on screen

We originally purchased this monitor when we were having our first child. We loved that is had a private and secure network so that it could not be hacked. I loved that the screen was large and easily maneuverable. The best part is also being able to use the talk feature to talk to your child once they are older. Then it became even better when we had our second child bc we then used the second camera and used the dual screen feature which is amazing. I picked this one so that we could add up to 4 cameras and view 4 rooms simultaneously. I really did not have any negative remarks about this item. The only bad thing for us was that the monitor got dropped (pretty hard) and now has two lines across the screen and we can't replace it. But it's kind of our fault so.


Display quality
Battery life

Bottom line: recommend it!

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