Angelcare AC401 Movement and Sound thumb
Angelcare AC401 Movement Monitor thumb
Angelcare AC401 Sound Monitor thumb
AC401 Movement and Sound Monitor thumb
Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor thumb
Angelcare AC401 Temperature Monitoring thumb

Angelcare AC401 Movement and Sound Monitor

The Angelcare AC401 Movement and Sound Monitor has an under-the mattress movement sensor pad. It senses your baby’s movements and will sound off an alert if no movement is detected after 20 seconds. The monitor is equipped with the audio “Tic” feature, which will alert the parent unit by a ticking sound for reassurance that the monitor is still working. Feel comfortable knowing your baby is safe with the temperature display and control feature which will alert you if the room is too hot or cold.

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Main Features

Brand angelcare
Connectivity Digital
Large Display
Dual view

Advantages & Disadvantages

Movement and sound under-the-mattress sensory pad
Audio “Tic” feature
Sound Lights
Adjustable sensitivity
Vibration alert
No Talk-back feature
Only 4 hours of battery life



Angelcare AC401

Under-the-Mattress Movement Sensor Pad – This device will sense your baby’s movements and alarm you if there is no movement detected after 20 seconds.

Temperature Display and Control – The parent monitor display, shows room temperature of your baby’s room and will alert you if the temperature drops too low or rises too high.

Audio "Tic" Feature – The audio “Tic” feature is good to reassure parents that their monitor is still working even if your baby is not making any noise or is asleep. It will sound off a quiet ticking sound as the alert.

Out-of-Range Indicator – The monitor will give off an alert sound if you are further than 250 meters/820 ft. (open field); between 80 meters/262 ft. and 100 meters/328 ft. (indoor).

Sound Lights – This feature allows you to see and hear the sounds your baby makes from the other room.

Angelcare AC401 - Editor review

I believe the Angelcare AC401 stands out from other baby monitors with its under-the-mattress movement sensor pad. This really adds value to tracking your baby while they're sleeping because the physical movement is actually detected by sensor rather then just digitally. I think one of the most important features a baby monitor can have is temperature monitoring. Not all baby monitors have them so when you find one that does, its important to keep this on your yes list. I know that a lot of new parents worry about if their baby is comfortable or not and this monitor display will alert you if the temperature has dropped too low or risen too high. One thing this monitor does not include is a talk-back 2-way communication which I think sometimes this could be see as negative but not all babies need to hear their parents voice to fall asleep.


    EAN 0666594200396
       Brand Angelcare
    Connectivity Digital
    Out of reach indicator
    Volume control
    Noise Activation
    Large Display
    Color Display
    Dual view
    Smartphone compatible
    Mounting Self standing
    Batteries 4 AAA batteries required
    Battery indicator
    Power Batteries, Mains
    Battery lifetime 4 hours
    Color Aqua/White
    Manual English, Spanish

Angelcare AC401 Reviews

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Latest reviews

"Worried free "

Written by Sunshine on Apr 02

I used this monitor with my second child and loved it. Now with my 3rd child I am using it again. Between my 2 children I borrowed it to a friend to use with her son. I love that its basic without any video or anything that goes to your phone. The parent set is easy to program and it great for walking around with. The reasurance of the pad that detects babies movement it amazing especially if you have had any concerns medically with your baby.

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In the box

  • Nursery Unit (Transmitter)
  • Rechargeable Parents Unit (Receiver) & Charger
  • 4 AAA Rechargeable Batteries For Parent Unit
  • 2 7.5 volt AC adapters
  • Sensor Pad

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