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HuanMonitor Wireless Security Video Baby Monitor

The HuanMonitor Wireless Security Video Baby Monitor is equipped with many great features. A few of them include the two-way talkback communication and temperature control. Both of these features help parents feel at ease that they have control of their baby’s sleeping situation from the other room. The HuanMonitor includes a 2.0-inch LCD color screen to show a clear picture of your little baby sound asleep as you watch from afar. It also comes with music and night vision which both would come in handy for your baby’s afternoon naps. The HuanMonitor has a secure range that is interference free.

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Main Features

Brand huanmonitor
Connectivity Digital
Large Display
Dual view

Advantages & Disadvantages

Easy set up for stress free monitoring
Talk back, two-way communication system for soothing baby
No convenient belt clip



HuanMonitor Wireless Monitor

Portable Monitoring

Enjoy the luxuries of the HuanMonitor Wireless Security Video Baby Monitor with its hassle-free portable monitoring and two-way talk back system.

Temperature monitoring

The temperature monitoring keeps and an eye on the temperature in the room. It will let you know when it’s too hot or cold in your baby’s room (important for safety).


The 8 built-in lullabies in the camera gives your baby soothing sounds to feel comfortable with while falling asleep.

LCD Monitor

The high contrast 2.0 inch color LCD monitor allows you to have a more clear picture of your baby.  Watch your baby and never have to worry about the clarity of the picture on your screen.

Long battery life

Enjoy the long battery life of up to 8 hours of operation. (8 hours in Vox mode) Don’t worry about your battery dying in the middle of your baby’s nap-time.

HuanMonitor Wireless Monitor - Editor review

I believe the HuanMonitor is equipped with a ton of beneficial features for new parents. One of these beneficial features is the two-way talkback system. This responsive system lets moms and dads chat with their babies so they are able to calm them down during the most difficult of times such as sleep training. I strongly believe that the most necessary feature for baby monitors to have is the temperature monitoring. With this, you do not have to worry if your baby is getting too warm in the stuffiness of the summer heat wave or too cold in the bitter winter. Monitor the temperature to get it just right for your newborn. I think the display screen is optimal in size for this particular monitor. It has a 2.0-inch LCD color display screen with clear picture to show your sleeping baby at an optimal view.


    EAN 0708022295564
       Brand HuanMonitor
    Connectivity Digital
    Out of reach indicator
    Volume control
    Noise Activation
    Large Display
    Color Display
    Dual view
    Night light
    Smartphone compatible
    Mounting Self standing
    Batteries Li-polymer / 400mAh, 3.7V
    Battery indicator
    Power Batteries
    Battery lifetime 8 hours in Vox mode
    Color White
    Manual English, Spanish, French, German

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